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Summer Harp Course 2022 

23th to 30th of July in Arles, France


  • Daily classes with Solenn Grand 60 minutes, one-to-one, 6 classes in total


  • Morning workshop with Nathalie Pommeret 90 minutes, 4 times in the week

  • Evening lectures (with dinner!) by Giuliano Marco Mattioli, 3 evenings in the week


Harp Classes with Solenn Grand


I am principal harpist at the Prague State Opera, and will teach you daily. We can work on solo repertoire, audition repertoire and orchestral excerpts. 

Body Awareness Workshops with Nathalie Pommeret 


Because body awareness is one of my focus as a teacher, I am so happy that Nathalie will join us. 

Nathalie is an incredible therapist and dancer, and her work is one of the most effective in releasing tensions to find more fluidity while playing.


Her skills and technics come from contemporary dance, as well as Feldenkrais technic, Alexander technic, Eutonie, Pilates, Yoga and Qi-Gong.


She is a regular guest in music summer courses to help musicians improve their playing. 

The workshops will be in the morning from 9 am to 10.30 am, 4 times in the week.


Lectures on Erard and historical harps with Giuliano Marco Mattioli


Giuliano's book on the Érard family and its harp production has just been published and I am so glad he is coming from Italy to present his research regarding historical harps and harpists.


As he will bring along his Louis XVI style Érard harp, we'll have a chance to understand how these instruments were built and their importance when we study period music. 


If you are playing a piece composed between 1835 and 1950 you'll have a chance to play and work the piece on an original instrument!


The lectures will take place in the evening, 3 times in the week, after a common dinner, around a glass of wine for those who wish!

Info and Prices


Arrival on Saturday, classes start on Sunday.

Course finishes Friday evening after a performance of the students.



Minimum 5 students, maximum 8.



Harp for the classes will be provided, but not for personal practice. If you can not come with your own harp, get in touch, we will help you to find one to rent on site.



The harp classes, workshops and lectures will be hosted in Solenn’s family house 

(rue Louis Braille, 13200 Arles)





Complete course (6 harp classes + 4 Body Workshop + 3 Evening lectures and dinners)

660 €

Harp only (6 harp classes)

250 €

Harp and Body Workshop (6 harp classes and 4 Body Workshop)


If you don't take the complete course but would like to join us for dinner before the lectures, you are of course welcome. The dinner costs 16 €.


Accommodation and food not included. 

The 3 dinners before the evening lectures are included, let us know any dietary requirement.



100€ deposit is required to secure your place. 

Full amount must be paid before 22th of July. 

Applications deadline is the 12th of June and no refund for cancellations will that take place after it.


Payment can be done by bank transfer or PayPal to Solenn Grand.


IBAN: CZ69 2700 0000 0012 2031 2000 


To book, send me a short email with your contact details, if you need help finding harp/accommodation, and proof of payment of the deposit. We are very much looking forward to meet you!



What do to in Arles



Exhibitions of the legendary «Les Rencontres de la photographies » 



Old city centre and its roman architecture (Arenas, old antic theatre…)


Markets on Wednesday and Saturday


The beach is 45 km away, and we will organise an evening picnic at the Plage de Piémanson!

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